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Oh hai. I'm sure you've gathered, but my name is Treavor Wagoner. I am a senior product designer, meaning I have expressed knowledge in using user experience and user interface practices to create beautiful web and mobile products. By happenstance—kinda, not exactly—I am also a writer. In 2016, I compiled an anthology of dark poetry entitled, the Remaining Trouble and Other Battles. I love both dearly, but you can send your prayers, condolences, and alcohol-related emojis to throwquestions (at)

Product Designer
With over ten years of creating best-in-class digital products, Treavor Wagoner has shared his knowledge of user experience with start-ups to enterprise teams in Dallas and Seattle.

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Treavor Wagoner has been a featured correspondent for Pegasus News, Waco Tribune Herald, and a contributor to the North Texas Review. His first book is the Remaining Trouble and Other Battles.

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By the age of 30, Treavor Wagoner has visited all fifty states in the United States of America and continues his passion of traveling by visiting all seven continents by the age of 40.

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These are the wonderful people that helped me create my first book,
the Remaining Trouble and Other Battles.

Marlon Banks
Emotional Support

During the Remaining Trouble project, Marlon kept me sane by providing his knowledge of crowdfunding campaigns and also checking in to see how I'm juggling creating the book and running the campaign. Marlon is also a creator himself. Currently he's living the L.A. dream and working on a children's story involving a super heroic and funkadelic character he conceived. 

Daniel Hall, Forensic Chemist and Yoga Instructor

Daniel Hall
Emotional Support

Daniel is a well-accomplished forensic chemist and certified yoga instructor. He loves to teach and is eager about learning. Next year, he hopes to receive his certification in stand-up paddle board yoga. But for now, he enjoys resting, traveling with his boyfriend, and cooking. His favorite person to cook for is his picky-eating boyfriend (me).

Huong Le

Huong is a recent transplant to Silicon Valley. By day, she’s a product designer creating work engagement software. But she’s often spotted in a National Park or a foreign country shooting lit photos with her fiancé and friends. In addition to capturing amazing sunsets and killer vibes, she captured photos of me for the campaign and the book. Follow her adventures.

Linda Nguyen
Photographer, Reader

Somehow Linda manages to read fifty books a year, co-host a podcast, plan monthly events for Austin Food Bloggers Alliance, and curate a top food blog in Austin, and be a photographer. She shot the photos for social media and the initial campaign. She always looking for genuine smiles to capture. Contact her for your photos.

Thomas Palmer

From Portland, ME, to Portland, Ore., Thomas is a natural Pacific Northwesterner, he’s always camping, hiking trails, and exploring in his Jeep with his partner, Ray. In addition to being a bus operator for the city of Portland, Thomas’s true passion is teaching. He’s currently writing a memoir about finding peace and stillness after years of movement. Read his blog.

Stacy Thomas
Voice Actor

You can hear the talented voice of my good friend, Stacy Thomas in the audiobook edition. After traveling throughout Asia and Australia, Stacy began her career in voice acting, which has taken off. She's voiced audiobooks (including mine), radio commercials, videos, documentaries, apps, and many other projects. She would love to voice a cartoon one day. Contact her for your project.

Jacki Welsh

Being a fan of her poetry, it was a pleasure to receive feedback for my work from Jacki. She’s well-traveled having lived and worked throughout Western Europe, Asia, and North America. She’s taught English in South Korea and is shifting her career towards international education to help students study abroad. She’s currently working on her first novel.

The Backers

In twenty days of campaigning to gain funding for the Remaining Trouble project on Kickstarter, 64 backers from all over the world contributed to bringing my first book of dark and haunting poetry to digital and real bookshelves. Many challenged themselves and upped their contributions to get us beyond the funding goal. Basically, they're all heroes.