Roasting marshmallows with the FCB Seattle team

When I had the pleasure of working with the FCB Seattle (formerly DraftFCB Seattle), I didn’t realize that it would actually be… um, fun. You know, you’re an independent contractor so you expect to be on your own with your head down knocking out wireframes left and right before the end of your contract is up. Of course, there was that, but there was also in-office fun that made knocking out wireframes pretty enjoyable.

Whether you’re a contractor or not, the FCB team makes you feel like you’re a part of the team by wanting you to join in on the office fun and wanting you to eat all the snacks in the breakroom——seriously. They want you to enjoy the ping pong table and dartboard if you’re feeling stuck on a project or if you just need a break from staring at the computer screen all day.

Bullseye at FCB Seattle

One day I walked into the office and Amanda, the program manager informed me to wear glamping gear tomorrow. “Uh what,” I asked. If you’re not up on your camping lingo, “glamping” is a portmanteau for “glamour camping” referring to a cleaner, less stinky and dirty form of camping (i.e. going hiking and staying in a hotel). Apparently FCB Seattle has themed days every so often, when everyone in the office dresses up, food is served, work is done but fun is had. For Glamping Day, I wore a fashion puffer vest and fashion boots with plaid shirt and blue jeans. The team was dressed in similar attire of plaid and insulated vests. Honestly, we looked like regular Seattlites—haha——but everyone wearing the same thing on the same day felt like we were going to sit by the fire and roast marshmallows. In fact, we did kinda.

Glamping Day at DraftFCB Seattle

To set the scene, we created a campfire out of paper streamers, a fan, and two side tables. We also erected a tent in the middle of the office. There was a spread of various ingredients in the breakroom to make s’mores. We used the oven to melt the marshmallows and made our own versions of what a s’more is. Some of us had never even had s’mores. I had my first Reese’s s’more, and it was amazing. Glamping Day was a success, and the team’s morale was vastly improved. Sometimes working in downtown Seattle can make you feel a little dreary, so it was really fun to switch things up with some “glamp” at work.

What I loved about working at FCB Seattle, is the spectular views of the sunset and Puget Sound. At any time of the day, you’re assured a great view of downtown’s most popular spots, including Pike Place Market and Westlake Park.

The view from DraftFCB's downtown Seattle office.

I was not paid to write this post. For notes on the work I did with FCB Seattle, check out HP PurchasEdge.