Project header image for Recoupe.

Recooping Recoupe

A friend of mine had a client that was trying to brand itself via design by committee and Microsoft Word. Recoupe is a real estate company aiming to optimize REO productivity and profitability, which translates to the clueless audience (me) as Recoupe sells and markets high-end properties that have been foreclosed and seized by REO lenders like C-level executives, indie agencies, and banks. My friend rang me up to save her client’s credibility and give them a proper face (logo).

She sent over what they had been trying to do in MS Word.

Logos created by Recoupe.
Logos drawn by Recoupe.

Ahem. I used what they created as a basis for my explorations of their logo.

Round 1: Establishing the core structure

I could see where Recoupe was going in terms of structure. Aesthetics aside (good effort), I chose to follow through with some of what was there and make sense of what they had done.

Round 1 explorations for Recoupe logo.
Round 1 explorations for Recoupe logo.

Choosing the typeface

Gotham is awesome. For the company name, I chose Gotham Black for it’s character and confident stature. For the tag line, I chose Gotham Rounded Medium for readability and its adjacency to the Gotham family.

Round 1 shape explorations for Recoupe logo.

Symbol explorations

With the symbol element of the logo, I delivered options that emphasized real estate and recycle (re-use and re-purpose), real estate only, and real estate and business. In the end, the client chose to emphasize real estate and re-use and re-purpose by choosing the abstract upward facing and downward facing home.

Round 2: Exploring color, and “The Evil E”

Recoupe suggested trying something different with the second “E” and try to emphasize recycling with an arrow, but they soon found out that it looked like a dragon or devil’s tail.

Round 2 'Evil E' exploration for Recoupe logo.

After establishing the structure and locking the key elements like typefaces and symbols, we were ready to explore come colors. Below are some one- and two-color options that are exemplify real estate, recycling, trust, clearance, premium property, and business. In the end, we chose the recycling green and a trustworthy blue.

Round 2 color explorations for Recoupe logo.

Round 3: Introducing “The Innocent E”

Recoupe realized that “the Evil E” did not align with their brand, so I suggested simply dropping the E from capitalization to a little E. And they loved it. The new and more innocent E gives an air of modesty, whereas the capital E seemed too formidable. We explored different typeface to present “the Innocent E”. Ultimately, I chose to keep it in Gotham Black, so that it didn’t seem set apart from the other letters.

Round 3 'Innocent E' explorations for Recoupe logo.

The different in case with the two Es makes the logo fun yet still maintains its professional character.

Recoupe Recooped!

BRAVOR logo on white.
Recoupe logo on white.